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How to Avoid Work from Home Business Frauds


Work from home business frauds are ranked really high on the list of most popular internet frauds. It becomes difficult to differentiate between the original opportunities and scams.

Why These Scams are So Successful?

It all attacks the psychological set. Make money fast, earn a huge profit working from your home easily attracts the reader. Second is the targeted group like many internet newcomers, the sick, disabled or a homemaker women who is seeking to earn something without leaving their home.

The Top 5 Home-Based Business Frauds

  • Craft Assembly

In this business fraud, you are usually asked to assemble toys or other craft projects at home with a promise to get a fair payment. All you need is to pay a fee up-front for beginner kit which includes a procedure of work. You get trapped and later on they say that your consignment does not meet the specifications. Even if you make assemble it perfectly then also it would be rejected and you are left with crafts assembled with no one to purchase it.

  • A List of Companies Looking for Homeworkers

If you are actually searching for a home-based job and this one can definitely attract you. In this one, you pay a small fee to get a list of companies looking for homeworkers. You actually get the list but the problem is the companies mentioned in the list either do not take home-based employees or are not even genuine companies.

  • Just call 1-000 number for more details

Do not spend too much time waiting for these numbers. Calling on these numbers costs too much and this is how scammers make their profit. Save your money, think wisely and avoid calling such numbers for more information about a work from home job.

  • Typing from Home

If you use internet a lot then your typing speed might be good. How good it could be using your typing skill to earn some money by typing at home? But for this too, you have to send some fee. You receive a disk and some printed information that guides you for placing home typist ads and selling copies of disc to someone who replies like #0. This again is a common business fraud.

  • Chain Letters/Emails or Make Money Fast

In this a series of emails are received. The promise they make is send email along with some money by mail to the top names on the list with your name added at the bottom and one day you will be a millionaire. This one is a classic pyramid scheme and most of the times the names in the chain emails are only manipulated to make sure that the people at the top the list i.e. the actual scammers make money.

These business frauds are powerful and can trap you easily but all you need to do is to stay alert and think twice before making any transaction that may debit your account. Apart from these scams there are classic envelope stuffing scams, medical billing scams and many more that can cause you huge financial losses rather than filling your pockets. So, never be greedy for the work and think wisely.


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