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Social Media Marketing Trends to take over the market in 2018

Marketing becomes the success mantra for all the prominent brands out there. Yes..! An appropriate marketing approach is crucial for driving the business successfully in the 21st century. A few years back, Marketing had a limited scale but now the marketing is itself in the Digital World. Social Media strategies play an equivalent role towards the successful marketing plans when it comes to digital marketing. Despite this brands fail to use the power of social media marketing at its best.

Gone are the days when you could get away with building a social media marketing strategy on the fly. As long as you were present, you were ahead of your competitors. It is 2018 and the scenario today is completely different. Your existence cannot be your strategy when statistics say that 30% of people say that they connect with a brand on social media. If you need to engage with prospective customers then social media strategy needs some investment.


Here are some Social Media Marketing Strategies to keep you connected with your audience:

  • Identify the biggest challenges and set some goals to solve them

Social Media Strategies are similar to baking. You have to place the ingredients and then wait for it to get roast till the perfect taste you have. Precisely, you need to find which efforts are working your way and the dish you are preparing will feed to everyone’s taste. Now, what the challenges would be while preparing this viralcurry? What if some people are allergic to some ingredients? You have to find out what works best and can feed everyone out there then your strategies work best for your business goals. This is the reason why setting goals is extremely important for your Social Media Strategy. Goals give a way to plan but create goals that are achievable. You should never complicate it to access rather you should focus on the platform that gives you the best of benefits.


 Social Media Marketing Plans for 2018

Planning the marketing strategies is essential and social media has no exemption for it. However, with a wide range of social capabilities, it becomes a bit difficult to determine your objectives. For beginning with, here are some suggestions for your social media goals:

  • Increase brand awareness through appropriate content marketing.
  • Focus on targeting so that you can reach the core audience quickly turning prospects into leads thereafter.
  • Bring back the lost sheep by close analysis. You can also use some sentiment analysis tool.
  • Calculate the expenses and dig into the inputs and fruits of potential for improving ROI.
  • Create a decent fan base through user-friendly content. Your followers can be turned into brand advocates. This is a great marketing approach which spreads through word of mouth.
  • Keep a keen eye on your competitors.


  • A Deep Analysis is the need of an hour

As studies suggest, 79% of overall adults are active on Facebook but actually how many of them engage with your brand or willing to do so? Understanding your audience is very important. This will help you know things about the preference for your brand, what age is easy or tough to target and who all are interested to buy your product. In addition, this will help you in customer retention.

First of all, you should well research about the most valuable social platforms. This means you need to target more on the channels that correlate with your brand and are more beneficial for your business.

To give you an idea about the demographics, here we present demographic data for each major social channel:

Social Network Women Users Age (18-29 years) Urban and Rural Income less than $30k
Facebook 89% 88% 81% each 84%
Instagram 38% 59% 39% 38%
Social Network Women Users Age (18-29 years) Urban located Income $50k – $75k
Twitter 25% 36% 26% 28%
Social Network Men Users Age (18-29 years) Urban located Income more than $75k
LinkedIn 31% 34% 34% 45%
Social Network Men Users Age (18-29 years) College experienced users Income less than $50k
Snapchat 24% 56% 27% 27%

Demographics gives you insights of all the social media platforms to target the audience of your choice which could be more profitable to you so that you can invest in the right direction. It is similar to looking after an insight dashboard for better understanding with a motive of better execution.

  • Examine the metrics

Not only having demographic estimate will help, vanity metrics are also a part of the story. This turns out to be the most important step for your entire business strategy. Evaluating the number of likes, followers and most importantly the social metrics that are associated with overall objectives. Some social metrics that you need to consider in 2018 includes post reach, clicks, engagement, use and performance of hashtags, sentiment analysis and organic and paid likes.

Apart from this, choose out the best time in which your post or page get maximum engagement and maximum audience traffic. You need to implement your strategy at the best time to get the most of it.

  • A smart move of analyzing your competitors

It’s actually a smart business move to keep a keen eye on what your competitors do to be successful. This does not mean that you should copy or steal the ideas of your competitors rather you need to learn and grow from their success stories and failures.


  • Content is still the king

Yes… You got that right. Content still holds the crown of being the king even in the world of Social Media.  As a newbie, it is recommended to create content that fits the identity of the brand. The content should never be over promotional. There needs to be a balance between engaging the audience, looping in the marketing aspect as well. Statistics say that 46% people leave or unfollows the brand if the brand offers too much promotional content. To get a flawless content marketing strategy and appropriate content for your business that gets you traffic and leads, you need to hire a content writer.

Content writers are professional and take forward the content with the same approach. If you are confused that which writer you should hire among thousands of writers available in the market, you can go to our blog about how to hire a writer.

Secondly, right content to right people and that too at right time is important. Most of the people unfollow and unsubscribe to the brand that feeds them with irrelevant content.

  • Video Marketing

Video Marketing took over the hype last year. Videos are proved to be way more engaging than the written content. A short video of 30 seconds can efficiently express an idea up to 1000 words or even more. In fact, 90% of buyers believe that videos help them to understand the product and brand in a better way.

  • Nothing can compete Service

There is no better strategy than a good service. You should always listen to your customers and take them seriously to serve them better. This not only helps you retain customers for a longer time but it also helps you to enhance brand value. In addition, good service can help you turn your customers to brand advocates. You should offer your clients an experience of hassle free communications and your team should calmly solve all their issues or queries at the earliest. Social media offers them a space to reach out to you easily and even a minor thing goes viral in seconds so you should take care of all your customers and offer them the best service.


Though no strategy can beat the good service or product and no strategy can turn the bad into a good one. After all successful business is not a cake walk and you need to serve your customers with the best in the dynamically changing competitive environment. These Social Media Marketing strategies can definitely help you to accelerate and enhance your brand value and online existence. Good Luck for your business…!


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