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Right To Salary – The Need of an Hour

Since childhood, I have been told this a hundred times and always have believed so that doing own business or being an entrepreneur requires a lot of risk but being in service is not about risking on funds. The company or organization may rise or may go down but you will not lose on your salary or remuneration part. But But But… I have suffered this loss thrice. This scares me to continue with a job.

This is a roar to the entire employment guidelines that “DO WE HAVE A ‘RIGHT TO SALARY’ in India?”

If I begin with my own story, I started my career in a startup. I was going well. I got a promotion just after a couple of months. I was happy and very satisfied. Then suddenly one day the director of the company vanished holding the blame of ditching the company and the organization went through huge losses. All the employees were not paid and will never be paid the salary for 2 Months. I was unable to convince myself that was it a loss for company or for we the employees who were working for 10k per month.

Then my second company from where I left 8 months back and haven’t got my Full and Final till date. Not only me, there are many people who are going through the same and haven’t received their Full and Final since a couple of years.

Now, the place where I am currently working comes. Here, we the employee strength of more than 4000 people were notified verbally that we will not be getting complete salary and will be getting deferred salary. No written communication, no email, no salary slips and no hopes. Why is this happening and till what time, no specification is provided and again we are losing on money.


This is not a scenario with me only. There are thousands of people out there who are suffering from such issues and suffer on salary in spite of working sincerely. Do we have a RIGHT TO SALARY where one can take action against companies because filing a case never helps us with getting the justice? By the time the case is filed, the culprit elopes.

In spite of being the most efficient employees of the company. After being awarded as a “Rookie of the Year”, I struggle to get my own salary properly.

This is completely inhumane when a person has dedicated 9 hours a day and doesn’t get his/her salary on time. The organizations do whatever they want. Our nation has turned the working professionals as modern day slaves under the tag of Job. Over rules, controlling attitude has forced most of the people to move abroad because they believe it’s better to get paid for their hard work. In India, the employees are treated as workers. They are not respected and they are not even paid properly for their hard work.


This is one of the reasons why more and more people wish to move abroad. If this will continue to be like this, then our country will depreciate on real talent and literates. On a personal note, I never wondered of moving abroad but after suffering from this crisis, I have started planning to move abroad so that I can earn well and get well for my survival. A general category person cannot get a stable job in govt. sector and private has left bad imprints on my soul. Where to go what to do? A big question is here, how can I shape my future?

I do not dream of becoming a millionaire. I just expect to get paid for my hard work and efforts. I just want to get my salary on time. Am I asking for too much???


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