About Kanika

I Believe…

  • One can conquer anything.
  • One can never get defeated unless accept the failure.
  • You are the only one who can change, enhance or worsen the things.
  • You have no options except facing the barriers to obtain victory.
  • You build yourself; You ruin yourself – Choice is always yours.
  • You are your own master.

Your will itself is a way… Let’s Do It…


My Journey Towards Writing

I was one among the weakest students in Literature during my school days. I started working hard in Literature and to the result of my hard work and efforts, Today I am a Literature graduate in Honors from University of Delhi. A literature failure became a literature graduate in honors. I turned my weakness into my strength. This made me even stronger and started to believe that nothing is impossible. Where there is a will, there automatically a way appears.


                   A Little more about Me

I believe to live for today. I have fought with death and I believe that there is never gonna be a tomorrow to live, to fulfill your dreams. So, I work hard and party even harder. I love the thrills of life. I love to be the one in adventures. I earn and spend because I never think of future. I believe to live for the present. This definitely does not mean that I have no hopes from life. It’s just I do not expect much from my life. I just want my present to be good. Lets live the present, will see the future is my motto of life. I never say.. I wish.. Because what I wish… I do.

My professional skill set

With robust knowledge of Content Marketing and Digital Marketing terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Management and Blogging.
I am Kanika a creative writer from India. With 4 years experience in writing and content marketing. Let me familiarize you about my urge and actions:
I amour to do writing and blogging.
Eager to help indigent individuals and business professionals
Steep efforts to nurture an enterprise or an online business.
A solid clench of how blogging, social media, press releases, & related approaches go effectively with SEO practice in building inbound search traffic and refining SERPs
Up-to-date, working awareness of present, past, and expected trends of the SEO industry
Eloquence with the finest mechanisms and gears in the trade
My reverie is to be proficient in my forte i.e. online Content Marketing. I love the whole thing associated with writing. And I hope that in the imminent future I will touch Content expert’s Zeniths.

Let Us Work Together…!