10 Misconceptions about Gender Identity

Gender: The first most basic identity of a human and gender itself defines a person for the rest of his life. We do have various conceptions, identity traits, responsibilities and a lot more things that are dependent on this that is the so-called GENDER. We all have a mind makeup and few assumptions that separate men and women from each other. For example, you must have heard this if you are a guy that “do not behave like a girl.” Here, how can gender judge someone’s behavior? Or we have a misconception that boys are stronger. How can one’s gender be a proof of his/her strength or weakness? And the list is never-ending. Girls are bad drivers, men should carry the luggage, men are bold, strong and last but not the least that is my favorite that men take less time to get ready for an outing, party or any occasion. These all things can never be judged on the basis of gender. Though I personally do not have any problem with these assumptions but I do have a problem with that orthodox mentality of people who try to judge others and comment on others on the basis of gender. My motive for this blog is to change the misconceptions in our brains that we have against the gender and biasness that we do. We should stop judging people and the tasks that they should or should not do.


To give a contradiction to all these traditions, here is a list of the few question that becomes the most popular misconceptions regarding gender identities where the opposite gender proves itself better.

  1. Who is a better cook? Men or Women


Cooking is usually associated with women but have you ever noticed that one of the best chefs all over the world are men. Consider a seven-star hotel or a coffee shop near to your house, the chef that prepares the delicious wonders are mostly men. Men not only can cook better than women but their skills are par excellence in cooking. They can prepare the real delicacies of the World that are more than enough to flavor your taste buds.

  1. Who holds the tag of being strong?


Strong means manly! Again a wrong mindset. How can gender define one’s strength? Women are stronger than men in the context of bearing pain. Women are also more patient than men. When it comes to power, it is all about your personal strength. As per Bible, women were made out of the ribs of the man and this means that she is equally powerful to man. Here the concept is not about women empowerment rather my motive is to reduce the gender inequality in our society.

  1. Can you name the majority of most successful fashion designers?


Fashion and style, most of a known thing for girls but the most successful fashion designers in the World are men. I completely disagree with the thing that boys or men have a better sense of style or fashion or girls do not have it but it actually depends on individual interest and preference. Basically, girls are more curious about latest trends and keep themselves updated with style but that does not mean and men are somewhere behind. Men are the swag kings and equally talented when it comes to designing.

  1. Who abuses more? Girls or boys

Abusing is usually a bad thing and as per orthodox thinking, abusing belongs to men and women do not have a right to abuse but actually, the fact is that women abuse even more than men. Whether while driving or being with friends, women are not lacking in these things as well. They abuse openly and boldly. The thing to think is that is abusing should also be a gender-biased thing? The habit of abusing develops from the environment, brought up and society itself so why to bring gender in between.

  1. Who cries or breaks easily?



Do not cry, be a man. How many times we usually hear this since childhood? I mean crying is an emotion, how can it be specified with gender or how can it be completely associated with girls by assuming that girls are more sensitive or emotionally weaker than boys. If a guy is caught crying, he is made fun of, laughed upon and that is the reason that some guys never open up in public. Every guy who is a bit sensitive must have heard that he cries like a girl. Does every girl cry? Is it correct to symbolize emotions as a gender identity? Crying is an emotion and it cannot be specified with gender.

  1. Can girls be the better business holders?


As I mentioned above that boys are better chefs and designers, similarly, girls are better business holders. It will be worthless to say that most of the business tycoons are men. There are countless businesswomen who are doing even better. Women are extremely smart and intelligent and their marketing skills, convincing powers and knowledge to deal with is par excellence. Women can smartly manage and handle the whole business empire like men.

  1. Are men emotionally stronger than women?

Emotions are natural and come directly from the heart. Can a heart be gender biased? Though I feel that women are emotionally stronger than men. They have that patience to understand the emotions. For example, if we consider a love couple, then men come up with their worst of feeling when they get jealous or angry. Women also get jealous but still, they have that patience to clarify calmly. As per stats, even more men commit suicide under certain circumstances whereas women remain bold and consistent. So, emotions hardly have any relation with gender.

  1. Who is your hair stylist?


Every girl styles her hairs on daily basis or even for some outings or casual dating but the most famous and best of hair designers are mostly men. Next time whenever you going to visit your favorite salon, please notice that most of the senior hair stylists who does the best of haircuts and styles are men. So, please stop associating talents and skills with gender. Men can be the better designers.

  1. Are the girls out there intelligent?


Girls are bad at calculations or researches. You must have heard this but if you consider the result of any university any grade, the toppers are always girls. So one should never point on someone’s brain and intelligence. Women are equally intelligent and sometimes can even perform better than men.

  1. Do girls drink or smoke?


Drinking or smoking is more of known for men but the fact is that most of the women does not disclose or drink openly but yes girls drink and smoke even more if compared to men. Basically, smoking or being alcoholic have no connection with gender but still some of the people do try to correlate it. Women also have the right to enjoy. Basically, it is a thing of personal preference, if you like it, you should try it. Gender hardly matters.

Emotions, talent, knowledge and skills are completely dependent on an individual. It is really worthless to bring gender in between. Gender is the basic identity and rest is always about upbringings. So, one should never comment or demotivate someone because that one is a guy or girl. It hardly matters! Please stop this gender indiscrimination.


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