Let There Be Light to Outshine the Blackhole of Depression

Celebrity World seems to be the perfect one for the common man. They have fame, money, social strand and everything else that sounds good enough to lead life smoothly and now or then we all have fantasized to live their life once. We never imagine that they may have severe problems in their lives and they only show a fraction of their lives to us.

Being a fashion enthusiast, I follow various designers and while they inspire me with their creations, I take home a part of them. A piece of their imagination and fantasy carved in a piece of accessories, I try to see the world as they see to get inspired. But the news of sudden death of high flying fashion designer ‘Kate Spade’ a couple of months back came as a heavy blow that jolted me out of my dreamy world I created for such people in my mind. It bothered me no bound as to why someone who “has it all” would feel that life is not worth living anymore. What could have prompted her to take the extreme step? I was baffled and then came another jolt in form of news of the suicide of celebrity chef ‘Anthony Bourdain’ and made me wonder the frivolity of material things we yearn for entire life. Now, news regarding famous actress from Superman, Margot Kidder’s death revealed that it was a suicide. All these people had fame, family, finances, luxury, yet they thought life is not worth living. Why? I was perplexed. The answer to my ‘why’ is Depression but we need to look for a solution.


It is true that even unknown to the person himself, depression creeps inside the mind of an individual and destructs every positive aspect. Depression sounds like just a mood disorder but severity cannot be even imagined. It is like a black hole that gradually decays the entire person psychologically. Though, Depression is misled with the belief that it strikes the one who has some stress in life but keeps the words marked that it is a mental illness and it can hit anyone.

I still have one question that always spins my head now and then. Is it courageous to take your own life or is it fearfulness for facing life? I believe it’s neither; it is a cruelty that people feel towards them and wish to harm themselves. All we require is to love them and make them love themselves. It is all about the perspective. We need to stop judging, we need to understand that it is not a personal weakness but a medical condition that needs medical attention and should never be avoided.


However, I am glad that this mental illness is no longer seen as a stigma and more people are coming out and talking about it. The first step of any recovery is the identification and acceptance of the problem. It is not age bound or gender-specific, it is prevalent in all strata. Thus, I wish to spread awareness about this unassuming but fatal disease. Yes, let us accept and there is no harm in admitting. Reach out to people, seek help and trust there is light at the end of every tunnel.

One such organization is The Live Love Laugh Foundation.” Let’s spread the word and help each other. Let there be light, let there be life.




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