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The Style to Grace Monsoon in 2018

Monsoon is in full swing throughout the nation. Clouds, the fragrance of mud, the sound of droplets and monsoon is a lot more than that. The muddy streets can make dressing a challenge during monsoon. Here are some tips to maintain your style during this monsoon.


  • Your wardrobe needs a pop of color

You may have or may not have a preference for bright shades. In fact, you may have an inclination towards subtle colors but this monsoon you can give a blind hit to something bright to stand out of crowd. In addition, you can couple up your subtle look with a neon shade handbag or socks to give it a bright twist.


  • The footwear challenge

Choosing footwear is critically important when the monsoon season begins. Traveling in monsoon is a big challenge. Unless you have a strong plan to spoil your favourite pair of footwear, avoid wearing stilettos or kitten heels.  In addition, opting for shoes that are made of leather, suede and velvet is not at all prescribed for rainy season. Instead, you should choose rubber footwear, jelly shoes, crocs, and colourful flip-flops that can add a pinch of smartness to your cool look.


  • Adding style to the shield

Gone are the days when umbrella has the work to protect you from rain. Nowadays umbrella can add a bunch of style to your look. Carrying an umbrella of a vibrant bright shade will definitely turn a few heads towards you.


  • The fabric puzzle

Fabric plays another most crucial role after footwear. You need to choose a fabric that is comfortable and dries easily. Save the clothes made of denim or silk, as they tend to take a lot to dry up and even gets ruined, especially silk. Upon the arrival of rainy season, pick clothes that are made of cotton or polyester which are not only comfortable but also dry quickly. A personal suggestion, avoid dangling clothes.


  • Handbag would be savior

During the rainy season, people think that bag will be a burden to them but believe me, carrying a handbag would be a wise decision. You can keep an umbrella in your handbag. In addition, you can carry a waterproof cover in your bag to protect your gadgets. Also, handbag will keep your hands free to hold an umbrella during the rain.


A relief from sizzling summer, a happiness for kids, some planning for vacations to visit monsoon destinations and some joys of hot coffee in rain. All these are the showers of nature. Let’s enjoy this monsoon with the spark of style.


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